Jordyn and Cammeran; It was a pleasure and honor to capture your special day! I hope that all is well. Below is a wedding film designed to encapsulate the day, highlight the big moments, and remind you of the small ones. For most folks, their wedding day can be a blur. I appreciate your decision to invest in a video to help you relive and remember your wedding for many years to come. before you watch I'd encourage you to make sure the quality is set to 4k in the gear icon found on the bottom right of the screen. Feel free to share this video with friends, family, and social media if you'd like. To download this video, click the button below. This will direct you to Vimeo. be sure to select the "2160p" option when downloading. Otherwise, a flash drive will be in the mail shortly that includes this video, as well as videos of your ceremony and speeches. Thanks again mr. and mrs. brown! God bless - Jordan
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