Creative coating is looking to curate a multi-media rebranding bundle. assets include stock photography, medium form web videos, and short form social media videos that will live primarily on their website, but also utilized on social media as they see fit. we project production to take 1.5-2 days, with final deliverables available by November 1st.
Deliverable #1: Stock Photography
This has been expressed as the initial priority of the project. The efficiency of this aspect of the production largely depends on the coordination of creative coatings.  However, I would recommend having a dedicated day and time slated to simply photography. if it is believed that one day is adequate  to capture a healthy variety of stock images, then we will dedicate the first day to photos. If different locations are only available over the span of a couple days, then we will capture what we can as we make our rounds. optimizing our time for images also depends on what type of stock creative coatings is looking for. It may be valuable to reach out to past clients to get permissions to shoot some product stills.  feel free to click on the images below to preview them, or navigate to the portfolio section of the website to see more. 
Batch #1 - Finished product images. I'd recommend we go to at least 5 of your best jobs if not more. If you can get permission to go to more, it will only help prospective customers understand what y'all are capable of. I'd recommend using these on a gallery or testimonial page on your website primarily. I'm not sure who you're working with for website but I'd recommend organizing these images by category so a prospect isn't bombarded with barn images if they're looking for a patio job.  
Batch #2 - Action/process shots. in my opinion These shots are the meat and potatoes of telling your story brand. getting on site and capturing the action of what creative coatings does will make explaining your process that much clearer to your customers online - perhaps even before you actually talk to them. This will be the majority of your "stock pile" to utilize for web and social media and will probably be around 100-200 images. 
Batch #3 - personal brand shots. These are your images more focused on the people of creative coatings. This could include a smile, a handshake, or a blueprint. These could also include employee headshots if you choose to do so. Personal brand shots work well on print material as well. 
Deliverable #2: Web/story brand videos
I propose we produce 2-3 videos that will primarily live on the website. These could also double up as featured or sponsored videos on facebook. The production of this style of video is actually more efficient than you may think. The heavy lifting will be done in pre-production where we discuss the objective of the video, who we're talking to, and why. we need to be able to tell a compelling story about creative coatings and deliver value throughout. 
Video #1 -  I usually recommend starting with what I call an "umbrella" video. This is the video that's going to communicate who you are, and what you do as fast as possible. This is where we really open the door for customers to gain an understanding of who creative coatings is, and what creative coatings does. 
Video #2 - This video can go a couple different directions depending on how you want to leverage your website. My first thought would be to make a process video, and go through the steps of working with creative coatings, and put on display what y'all are actually doing on a job site. THis would double well on social media if done correctly. The direction of this second video is completely up to creative coatings. I'm sure you've done some brainstorming already.  I'd also highly recommend utilizing this 2nd video slot as an interview/testimonial video. There's always value in hearing what other customers have to say. 
Video #3 - I always recommend a stock video. This looks like a 1-minute video of visual story telling and no speaking. These are usually pretty easy to put together as most of the footage can be sourced from the prior videos once they're produced. This style of video is usually used as a background for website home pages or landing pages. 
Feel free to reference the variety of videos below if you'd like to get a sense for past projects I've worked on. Keep in mind that the styles and formats of these videos are largely influenced by the vision of each client. The two wedding videos below are better representation of my individual style tendencies when I'm given the 'creative green light' per say. This variety showcases my adaptability to curate a product best fit for each customer. 
Deliverable #3: Social media content 
Social media production is probably the most complex of these assets to develop if you want to do it well. Given creative coatings industry, I believe its safe to say that facebook content would be the priority. The difficulty with social media is that most people scrolling instagram, facebook, tik tok, etc, don't want to be sold to. They're there to be entertained or educated. With social media being an after thought for most businesses, their whole page turns into an advertisement because that's the easiest thing to do. I would be honored to take this conversation to the white board, but to really curate an audience and see growth, you're going to need to dedicate more than a couple days to see what works, and what doesn't. However, getting a couple of posts in the bag to start in a particular direction is a great idea. 
Recommendation #1 - I believe that it's human nature to want to learn something new. Creating a couple of reels/one minute videos walking through a couple technical processes of what creative coatings is doing on the job site could be an entertaining, valuable thing for someone to watch. I'd recommend we produce 2/3 videos with this theme.
Recommendation #2 - We're living in an age where advertisements are everywhere we look. Folks have become desensitized to people selling to them. I'd recommend creative coatings take on a more personal social media persona and create content focused around the people of the company - not just the work that the company does. This may be as simple as a cell phone video of someone doing a walkthrough of a job site, or a before and after video with someone saying, "Here is the current problem, we're going to x,y, and z to fix it, and here is what is look like now." I'd recommend checking out a creator called 'SB Mowing' -  This is just a normal guy that cuts lawns for a living - nothing special right? He started documenting his work with before and after videos of lawns he's working on and eventually grew to 1 million instagram followers, and 7 million followers on tik tok. Don't let the industry you work in hinder what you believe is appropriate for your socials. We should plan to produce another 2/3 videos in this style.
Recommendation #3 - This one is kind of a given. Sharing photos from the stock pile we'll create is a great way to showcase your brand and product. 
Recommendation #4 - This is optional, but if creative coatings is serious about taking social media/short form videos to the next level, i'd definitely recommend making videos revolving around various "hooks" or "prompts." A hook is the first 3-5 seconds of a video to keep an audience interested in what you have to say. If you do these well for 6 months to a year, I'm almost certain you'll see social growth. Here are a couple of hook formats that you could utilize. 
1. "[topic] explained for [group]" I.e: "increasing your home value with concrete for homeowners"
2. "ok, Imagine this" i.e: "ok, imagine that you're garage floor didn't have cracks in it."
3. "[controversial statement]" i.e: "you're home/business could look so much better"
4. "if you're [x] you should probably check out [y]" i.e: "if you have a home/shop you should probably check out creative coatings"
5. "this is the secret to [blank]" i.e: "This is the secret to increasing your home/shop/business value" 

References & happy customers
Deliverable #1: Stock photography: $100 per location (5 locations) + (2 locations) for batches 2 and 3 = $700
Deliverable #2: web/story brand videos: $600 per medium form video (2 videos) + $200 for stock video = $1,400
Deliverable #3: Social Media Content: $450 for 6 short form videos + free social consultation ($75 per video) = $450
current Total project = $2,550
Keep in mind that these metrics are subject to change depending on what we decide the best fit is for creative coatings. Our next step would be to set up a discovery meeting so tacker media is in full understand of what creative coatings is trying to accomplish. THe only way to get a 100% accurate price is by laying the foundation for what will best benefit creative coatings. 
Please reach out to tackermedia@gmail.com if you have any farther questions or requests.

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